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Metal heat treatment furnace

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    I hope for helping me
    I have a senier project about "metal heat treatment furnace designe and manufacture"
    I want to calculate the heat rate that required to raise air heat from 15 to 40 c in a specific volume like room with volume 4*4*3.
    I want to know about "Sensible heat" what is the equation used to calculate it?
    plz send me any websites or articles talking in this subjects.
    contact me on
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    As far as the first question, heat rate will only determine how fast your room raises to the temperature. To find the total heat or Q, just use the basic energy equation.
    Q = mC(T2-T1) where m is mass of the air, and C is specific heat.
    Given this total heat, then determine how fast you want to heat it, divide and theres your heat rate.

    Not real sure about your second question though.
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    Sensible heat is simply the heat energy obtained at an elevated temperature. It is calculated via. the equation Minger has already posted. I would highly recommend becoming familiar with web search tools. There is a lot of information to be had that way. It is very easy.
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    thx alot for responding
    I think that what I need.
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