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Metal properties

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    do anyone knows how to find poisson's ratio of nimonic 115 nickle based alloy?i try google it can't found it::frown:.It took me two hours for nothing..
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    Call however you are buying it from?
    I don't have any materials references that specific - it might also be that the makers don't have a value for that alloy but might know that it's not too different from another alloy.
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    Are you perhaps refering to Multimet, N-155 (in stead of 115)?
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    no,i want nimonic 115 like in this url http://www.suppliersonline.com/propertypages/Nimonic115.asp" [Broken]
    I have chosen this material to be my turbine blade material.If this material dont have available data of poisson ratio,i consider to change to other material which have its data and perhaps better than this material.DO you have any suggestion?

    i dont want to buy it.i just want it for my research
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    Contact the mfg for technical information. Special Metals is the originator of this alloy.
    Ask to speak to an applications engineer.
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