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Homework Help: Metal ring repelled from AC coaxial coil

  1. May 12, 2005 #1
    I thought people helped on this forum?

    If anything is unclear just ask, I'm checking for posts every minute. Come on people I have to get this done by 5 pm. I've gotten a little further. I believe it has something to do with mutual inductance.

    A metal ring (no current) is brought close to a solonoid (coil with n turns), the solonoid has an alternating current running through it; explain using equations why the ring is repelled. (the ring is directly above the axis of the solonoid).

    I think the di/dt of the coil induces an emf in the ring that follows Lenz's Induction Law and in turn creates a magnetic field with polarities facing each other, so they repel. I need this in equation form though. (Is my reasoning even correct?)... Please help.
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