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Metallic Superconductors

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    Hi Guys, Please give me an example or list of Metallic superconductors (new metallic superconductors (year 2010-2014). thanks :).
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    As with all questions of this sort, you will get better and more helpful answers if you first research the topic yourself - Google makes it really easy! - and then come back with more specific questions about the parts that you need help with.

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    Also, I am not sure the question is well defined.
    Do you mean examples of alloys/compounds that have recently been shown to superconduct, and are metallic in their normal state?

    The question could also be read which metallic elements that have recently been shown to be superconducting, and the answer to that question is none. There aren't that many metals in the periodic system and they were all investigated a long time ago: we pretty much known that the vast majority of them become superconductors under the right circumstances (low enough temperature and in many cases high enough pressure).
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    Thank you Nugatory for reminding that guidelines to me, by the way, f95toli i'm actually confused about "metallic superconductors", also about the types of superconductors: type 1 and type 2, i'm pretty sure that type 2 supercon are the ceramics type (but not all, some are metals), so please enlighten me about metallics superconductors,(are they the one with lower critical temp?, metallic bond? etc.) thank you very much.
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    You never answered the question put forward to you in your definition of "metallic". Please note that these questions are often asked when your original question and premise are confusing.

    So what exactly do you mean by "metallic" superconductors? Do you mean that they are a metal in the normal state and has a metallic behavior (i.e. increasing resistivity with increasing temperature)?

    This is a "periodic table" of superconductors. There are many elements here that are "metallic" and also a superconductor.


    Is this what you are looking for? And your generalization about Type I and Type II is faulty. There are plenty of "metallic" superconductors that are Type II.

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    Some super conductors:
    mercury at -4.2C
    silver iodide at -7.25C
    niobium at -9.2C
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    These numbers are all wrong. They should not be "minus" Celsius, but rather in positive Kelvin.

    Besides, these are not "new". Read what the op is asking for.

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    Crystalline bismuth nanowires have been shown to be superconducting with critical temperatures near 300mK. Earlier granular wires have been shown to superconduct with Tc ~ 7K.
    Bismuth is a known semi-metal in bulk.
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