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Metallica and Barney in harmony

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    Metallica is by far my favorite band. In fact, I'm seeing them in concert this summer for the first time.

    The fact that the Iraqis haven't heard it is why it's so painfull. I have done research into the descriptive experiences of patients who have, either their whole life or for a long time, had nearly full or full loss of hearing.

    When implants are used to allow them to "hear". The experience is extremely unliked. It is painful. Remember that "hearing" merely begins with the vibrations of hairs within the ear, and of course the "beating" of the ear drum.

    Hearing is not so different from feeling, speaking outside of the nervous system of course.

    A sensation never felt before, especially when it breaches some unexperienced limit, can be painfully uncomfortable.

    Eventually the patients get used to "hearing", and after about 2 years they experience it much like ourselves.

    Thus, I wonder if the Metallica audience in Iraq will grow because of this? Heh, probably not.
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    Too bad -- their loss.

    Enter, Sandman is one of my favorite songs, ESPECIALLY the S&M concert recording (with the SF Symphony). Anyone who hasn't listened to that version should check it out -- even if you think you don't like heavy metal.

    (Barney, on the other hand, can drive anyone crazy.)
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    i dont see how metalica's music can be used as torture its wonderfull. barney's music i can understand as torture though. :wink: :smile: :frown: [?]
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