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    Do you guys believe in metaphysics?
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    What do you mean by metaphysics? There's a technical meaning and a popular meaning, and they don't intersect much.
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    An underlying philosophical or theoretical principle: a belief in luck, the metaphysic of the gambler
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    Belief in God is metaphysics. Belief in the existence of an outside world is metaphysics. The list goes on. Are you asking if posters here hold any metaphysical beliefs at all?
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    Yes, im asking you guys, as you are obviously believers in science if you also believe in, god, spirits, and luck...etc
    I find it very hard to believe those things exist with my views on science.
    I think that by a "law" the idea of chance is abolished. Well a little more than just the idea of laws in the universe, but basically that.
    I dont believe in god, but thats just a personal view, although partially because of my views of science.
    The idea of Luck just doesnt register to be possible. Even people making decisions that you might consider lucky, really arent, they are just the conciquence of other things.
    Basically i just want to know if you guys can believe in both science and the spiritual world.
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    Because of the flawed nature of the scientific method, there has to exist some sort of metaphysical, meta-scientific method of proof. Of course, this statement is much too vague, and such a subject requires an entire book's length to be explained clearly.
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    How is it flawed?
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