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Meter accuracy

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    Here is my issue. I live in Costa Rica in a development that is on a contruction meter with one transformer. The transformer says '50' on it. There are about 50 houses here all on the one meter. Every month we get a bill that everyone here has to divide up and pay. There is only about 15 homes at a time using the electricity but some homes are at the furthest point away from the meter, about 1,000 feet. Our bill works out to average $.23 per kwth. I brought some older style electric meters, non-digital, and hooked some up at different homes. I've been told these won't be accurate by some people and the local electric company, ICE, because of there being only one transformer. Can you tell me, technically, if the meter will be accurate? and why or why not exactly... and if not accurate could it be close? Seems to me, the analog meter its just measuring the electricity running through it and if it is a weaker voltage, it will just measure lower kilowatt hours??
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