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Meters negative cubed?

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    What would meters*meters^-3 be?

    Ex: 5.1*10^-5m(1.314*10^18m^-4)

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    It would be read as "per meter cubed." Number density has this dimension, e.g. "100 molecules per meter cubed."

    - Warren
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    OK but..

    I have to do a calculation multiplying m and m^-3 and I don't know what unit to use for the answer.

    Say..5m*5m^-3= 25..what unit?

    Also, when you say "per meter cubed", are you talking about m^-3? or m*m^-3?

    Thanks for your response.
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    per meter cubed is 1/m^3, but m*m^-3 is m^-2 or 1/m^2
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