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Methanol plus nitromethane

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    i just started a hobby i couldnt afford till now. radio control cars. iam have been running a nitro truck for 7 mo. i started mixing my own nitro fuel, 30% nitro, 10% oil, rest methanol. i have been measuring by volume. i was told that doing it this way it will be off, by a cretin amount. i understand why this happenes. but what i need is a way to get the right amounts/ percents, with out having to buy a hydrometer. i think if i measure volume and weight i should be able to get it closer than it is now. i am mixing a total 16 oz at a time. any help would be great, thanks.
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    You can measure by volume, just take densities into account. For example to prepare 100 g of mixture you need 60 g of methanol - and methanol density is 0.8 g/mL, so you need 75 mL.

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    Those percentages are usually by volume I believe.
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