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Method of Joints, Virtual Load

  1. Dec 7, 2014 #1
    Hi I was hoping someone could clear something up for me, I've been set an virtual load (unit load method) question at University, that part of the question I can do however its the calculating the force on the members part that I am struggling with.

    The question asks for all the forces in the members as a function of load P using the unit load method, however as there are 4 pin joints (Ay and Bx can cancel) and 4 bars using any equilibrium, joints or moment calcs I can't get each member only in terms of P.

    Other students have removed members to do this however as this "method" they are using isn't in the course note and I can't find it online I don't want to just assume they are right.

    I've drawn the system In the file uploaded.

    Thanks In Advance


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    I think your frame is statically indeterminate. Your classmates are removing members in order to make the resulting determinate. It's much easier to apply the various analysis techniques to a determinate structure, in order to determine the additional equation or equations necessary to allow solution.
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    Okay thanks, I will research this today as I am unfamiliar with the concept.

    Thanks Steamking

    P.S can I message you with a related quire if I have one?
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