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Methods of creating steam

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    Hi all!
    i'm trying to figure out what method would be the cheapest to create steam at high pressure with.
    ideally, the source of energy for the process would be electricity, as the facility is not intended to have it's own power generation capabilities.
    the mechanical use of the steam will be to inflate a piston chamber in a cylinder.

    the water used for the steam are regular fresh water (not sea water or pure water).
    the steam needs to be used at 70atm approximately.
    the steam supply doesn't have to be completely continuous, but it needs to be pretty continuous. it doesn't have to be just one single machine producing the steam. i'm guessing that helps deliver a continuous supply.

    the system needs to provide very a high volume of steam.
    around 100-200 cubic meters per hour, at 70atm.
    (from what i understand, it takes around 37 liters of water to be at 287c to get 1m3 of steam at 70atm)

    whether the steam is saturated or not does not matter for the intended use, so whichever is better, that's what we'll go with.

    so, given these... givens,
    what method do you think should be the best in terms of power consumption, and what would say that this power consumption be?

    thanks in advance for any help!
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    This question is why the field of engineering was converted from a trade to a profession. You need to hire a professional engineer to design this for you. We can't do it here.
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    with all due respect, i'm not asking for someone to hand me a complete design ready for use.
    for that i WILL hire an engineer.
    what i'm asking for is some guidance.
    surely an engineer familiar with steam mechanics can name a method he thinks is good for high volume high pressure.

    is that not what this forum is for?
    no need to chop my head off.
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    Your first problem is your water at 70 bar unless your feed water is pretty pure you are going to corrode the hell out of your boiler.
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    Can I ask what this machine is for? I'm not able to help you in any meaningful way with your steam problem but maybe there's a different, less complicated, way to achieve what you want (it sounds like you're just moving a piston).
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    And you have to spend $$$$$ for feedwater additives if you don't want to ruin your boiler.
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    hi all!
    thanks for you replies!

    as for the feedwater corroding the boiler, since it's a closed system, pure (enough) water can be used. i guess it's much cheaper to supply pure water rather than to cause damage to boilers.

    as for nihilist's question, indeed the steam is used to drive the piston, and that is used to transfer the pressure to another gas or liquid. steam is used for a few more ways in the facility, so i want to check the cost of using it to pressurize other fluids/gasses as well.
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