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Methods of studying algebra

  1. Oct 19, 2013 #1
    Hello everybody,

    After my first year of college, I have found that my algebra skills are seriously lacking. Other than simple factoring, I don't feel like I retained anything from high school. (Stopped taking math in 10th grade with my "D" in algebra II) I have been able to take two semesters of calculus, but I feel like for me to continue my education in math, my skills in Algebra, Geometry, and Trig need development.

    For this reason, today I am going to begin studying Gelfand's book on algebra.

    I wonder - do any of you here have a particular method of studying which you find beneficial? It may not have to be related to this book or algebra in particular. One of my problems is reading the text, feeling like I understand the material, then moving on too quickly; resulting in very little retained knowledge.

    I do intend to follow the author's advice of trying to solve each problem and then relating your solution to that which is provided in the text.

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    I agree with Gelfand's advice ... it is the only way to go!

    One of my sons had a similar problem with his studies after an algebra II disaster as a sophomore in HS.

    So he decided to re-teach himself math, starting with algebra. He used this site:

    He actually got so excited as his understanding blossomed that he became a math major in college, and now works as an actuary!
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