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Methods to see "inside" things

  1. Dec 22, 2014 #1

    what are the available methods that we can see inside things? obviously non invasive, ie. without actually open an item to see its inside

    there is obviously X-rays, ultrasound, but are there any other technologies?

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    I would start by weighing the object. You can shake it and see if it rattles. Also not its center of gravity.
    Of course, you can try to penetrate it with light, radio, xrays, gamma rays, etc. Either plane or CAT scans.
    Checks its response to a magnetic field - changing or otherwise. MRI combines radio with magnetics.
    You mentioned sonar - there's a wide variety of wavelengths.
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    Thanks but I had in mind something encapsulated in a metallic shell
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    X-Rays will be your best bet.
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    only xrays can penetrate metal and see the inside? no rayman, sonic, infrared, electromagnetic, etc?
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    Sonar might work. Thermal infrared will tell you whether it is a heat source.
    You can also warm it slowly and then let it cool to discover its thermal characteristics.
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    X-rays would be the best method for understanding whats inside things a process known as X-ray crystallography is used when trying to understand what an unknown molecular structure looks like, not to mention x-rays are quite practical in terms of application.
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