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Metropolis Algorithm

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    Can someone tell me how the Metropolis Algorithm selects configurations for further iterations?
    I am an undergraduate physics student and I don't know a lot of statistics. Also, I want to read more about the Metropolis Algorithm. Please help me with some good links.
    Thank You
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    Metropolis is a choice for chosing accept ratios for randomly-generated configurations, not a definition of how to select/propose new configurations. For books I can recommend Newman, Barkema, "Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics", which is a nice and easy read but still transmits information of practical relevance.
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    Thanks a lot. I am actually trying to work on a simulation involving the metropolis algorithm for the Ising Model and I have been given a small amount of time to finish it. Can anyone refer some links to me where I can quickly pick up the basic aspects of the algorithm?
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    A quick and easy to follow guide is to watch lecture 17 and 18 from the course taught at MIT by Ceder and Marzari. Here is a link:


    If you are keen on learning , start by Metropolis original paper! It is also readable and very informative:

    Then when the time is ripe you can consult "understanding Molecular Simulation" This book has actually some algorithms and pseudo-code:
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    Thanks a lot..
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