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MeV of a Neutron

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    hiii guys, whats the binding energy of a neutron and how do you arrive at the answer?

    durrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh :confused:
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    There are a number of ways to attempt to derive the binding energy. My personal favorite, because it is simple and algebraic, is the Bag Model. The Bag Model seperates the gluon interactions into the color-electric and color-magnetic modes in order to perform the calculation. Basically, the color-electric mode is really easy, and is described by only one parameter "z". The color-magnetic is more complex, but still very elegant and logical, and requires a sum of all the appropriate spin products times the color matrix products. This is difficult to show without using TeX, and right now I do not have the time to fiddle around with it enough to figure it out completely.

    In short, I would recommend a book by Kurt Gottfried and Victor Weisskopf. It has a section in Volume II that outlines the calculations and derivations of the Bag Model, and gives some rough figures for hadron masses based on estimated parameters. The name of the book is called "Concepts of Particle Physics".
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