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News Mexican-American Relations

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    What do the intelligent readers of PF think about Mexican-American relations. Let's face the fact. The real reason why Californians are ousting Gov. Davis is because of their views on how the termination of Proposition 187 affected the economy of their state.

    From my experiences, Mexican immigrants are hard working people who just want to come to America and take jobs that Americans don't want. They value jobs because in their country there are none. I don't think it's so unreasonable to think that Mexicans would try to sneak into our country for the only chance they have at improving their financial situation.

    I actually almost like Larry Flynt's proposal to tighten security at the Mexican border while giving amnesty to those illegal immigrants already living in California. However, I think such a measure would only provide a temporary solution.

    The real problem we Americans face is that we haven't been helping our southernly neighbors enough. There have been many attempts at establishing NAFTA over the years, but such efforts have always met with failure. I believe this failure is due to the inability of politicians to cooperate. I honestly think we (America) could help Mexico by simply saying fvck Malaysia, and all those other ungrateful southeast Asian countries to whom we give labor industry, and taking such businesses to Mexico where it would be appreciated.

    Why did we screw ourselves by establishing most of our electronics labor industries overseas when it could have been done in our own backyards?

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    Great way to start a thread, eNtRopY...
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    Well gee, once you take out all the crap its not an unreasonable post.

    I personally don't think the recall vote has anything specifically to do with Mexico, its just politicians being politicians. Economic problems are often blamed on immigrants but thats just because they are a convenient scapegoat. Certianly though, illegal immigration is a real problem.
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    Well, you can't deny the fact that many Californians were pissed off about the termination of Proposition 187 by Gray Davis. Sure, illegal immigration is a real problem, but simply strengthening the border patrol isn't going to solve this problem. We, the United States, should be thinking about how to help our neighbors by bringing more factory labor into their country.

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