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Mexicans, Indians and Rape

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    I live in California. I got to thinking why oh why do so many complain about the Mexican people in California. This used to be Mexico and isn't anymore they say. Okay.

    Why are the Indians aka "Native Americans" so catered to by the US? Why if they are so concerned with "their land/god/whatever" do they settle for cement/booze/and gambling???

    Why are the Mexicans not given ANY compensation? They are the product of RAPE, right? no? If the Spanish came here and "conquered" the Indians and the Mexicans are a result...

    well then the Mexican race would be a product of rape/violence yet they have never been compensated as a people.

    I live in an Ag Capital and Crank Capital. The Mexicans here from across the border work hard for their money. They honor nautre and work with her to feed US, the "natives" who refuse to pick their own food, and who refuse to pay them a decent wage for feeding the "white man" right?

    Thank goodness they have their drivers licenses and are able to drive to work to tend to the field because Americans (most of them) refuse to do it.

    I hope more make it across the border safely next year and realize it's a lot easier selling roses on a street corner then it is ...picking grapes- BLACK WIDOWS yikes!!!

    just some random thoughts.

    I was just asking about the Spanish/Indian = Mexican, because that is what I heard. History wasn't required in school, so my "history" may be all screwed up afterall I was educated in the States. Sometimes I wonder if the all aren't the ... incarnate, after all Santa Fe = The Way of the Saints.

    (!xck) :surprised
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