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News Mexico and oil and money

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    What will the government of Mexico do in ten year when the oilfields of Mexico have been largely depleted and there is no (very very little) oil money to fund the Mexican government?
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    I'm not sure 10 years is the proper time frame but it is true that most of the government's revenue comes from oil. Mexico has a crazy law that says that only the surface of the land is yours. Any minerals below the surface belong to the government. My guess is that other than offshore, Mexico has largely been unexplored for oil or minerals.

    In addition to declining revenues from depleted oil fields, Mexico has a serious problem with skimming of government funds by politicians, kickbacks and bribes, all of which tend to drive up the cost of government.
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    Depending on where you live in the US, you might subject to the same "crazy law" where the government can sell the mineral rights to your property to mining, oil, gas companies.
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    Mexico land has been explored to a large extent by geologists. In fact, one of the largest land surveys is underway right now, to better map the reservoirs using exploration seismology.
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    What makes you think Mexico will have a "government" in 10 years?
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