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Mexico city

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    more travel plans, what's new right! Well I have an opportunity to visit mexico city for 5 days. However half the people I talk to say I shouldn't go, it's not safe, I'll be mugged and kidnapped. The other half say it's all overblown and safe enough. What are your thoughts and experiences with mexico city?
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    I've never been in Mexico City, but my friend went there and said it's boring. The city is corrupted, sure. But they wouldn't pass a chance of making a buck on tourists either. There is a number historical places to see, and a lot of ruins if you are into that. I would just go straight to Cancun, where at least they got nice beeches there.
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    See I've been to the Cancun area and I thought it was completely void of any culture due to the party scene.
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    I went down about 10 years ago. The people that we stayed with said we were lucky that there was hardly any smog while we were there. I guess it can be really bad. I was also told that its best to know someone there who knows how to get around and to let you know where the best things to see are and where and when its safe to go places. BTW, one person that we went to visit about some paintings for sale --her daughter was kidnapped the night before--luckily she had enough money to 'buy' the police to get them to triangulate where her daughter was while they were making 'payment arrangements' and get her daughter safely back a few days later after we left. I was the one to suggest it and she started crying on my shoulder thanking me for the advice that day------otherwise, you may enjoy yourself--there's a lot to see.
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    do grown men get kidnapped? I'd be going with a guy friend. Both of us are in good condition physically.
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    are you handsome?----they may want something else!!

    no--they usually just kidnap the 'known' local people's children or wives who have a lot of money. They don't want a 'political problem'---I remember seeing something about a lot of kidnapping along the border--different situation there, I guess.


    what happened with Bosnia? ---did you go?---or is this the alternative idea?
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    If the demand for organs is pretty high, then that's a big plus to be a healthy.
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    yeah---that's another thing--don't bring or show your organ donor card
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    Nah, likely going to Greece now for new years.
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    I've been there many times, and have never felt in harms way. Its a big city, and like all big cities you need to follow the rules.Its much like a trip to New York City. So don't walk down back streets after dark with wads of money hanging out of your pockets. Don't wear a watch that cost over 20 bucks, or wear anything that would make you stand out. Oh and don't eat from the street venders, avoid fresh fruit and veggies and drink only bottled water/sodas.
    Its a wonderful city and the people are very friendly.
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    I back what hypatia said. The tourist areas are perfectly safe if you approach things with a ounce of brains. Stay out of the bad areas and don't wear gold chains, etc. You should have a great trip.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I have found this to be very helpful and accurate.
    http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/pa/pa_3028.html [Broken]
    http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis_pa_tw_1168.html [Broken]
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    Thanks all, plans are all set. I'm going Nov 6th - Nov 11th. We got a decent hotel in the Condesa district, which I apparently a good area. And we aren't looking to party at night, so I feel pretty good about this. Rob, thanks for the info, we plan on doing a 1/2 day at the pyramids.
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    Is that forewarning to everyone that if the server implodes anytime between Nov 6 and 11th, which of course it'll do, because you're away, it'll stay broken until Nov 12? :biggrin:
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    I spent 3 months, mostly in Mexico City. I was only concerned for my safety once. There was a huge traffic jam and the bus I was on was stuck in it. I wasn't sure exactly where I was, but thought it would be faster to walk back to where I was staying. I asked the bus driver where the place was, but he seemed preoccupied. A woman overheard me asking and mentioned that she knew the way. So we started walking, at night, through an unpleasant district.

    Oddly enough, I wouldn't have been too concerned if I was walking alone. What concerned me were the glances that all the men we passed were giving the woman that was leading me. But nothing came of it and I returned safely. She lived just a few streets away. So I guess it worked out for everyone.

    I never had any problems there. I was overwhelmed with how pleasant everyone was. I did eat some bad meat from a deli and was bedridden and vomitting for a week. You probably know to ask for no ice in your drinks. Even the people that live there have water stations that they go to refill with clean water. It is very helpful if someone you are with can speak Spanish, as most of the people there do not speak any English. Become familiar with the public transit system as quickly as possible. It can take you close to anywhere you want to go in the city as long as you don't mind being crammed in a crowded bus for a while. The taxi drivers WILL rip you off, but I never heard of anyone being mugged by them. The taxi drivers loiter at the airport hoping to catch tourists and overcharge them. There is a subway terminal right outside the airport. It's easy to use if you know where you are going. It's also WAY cheaper than taking a taxi, though you may want to take one if you plan on bringing more luggage than you can comfortably carry.
    Here's a subway map.

    Lots of great places to visit in Mexico. The downtown area is entertaining. You could easily spend an entire day at the anthropological museum. Chapultepec castle is fun too.

    Have a great time on your vacation, Greg. Make sure to tell us all about it. AND bring back some pictures.

    P.S. I had an expensive pair of sunglasses stolen from my luggage at the airport. I would put anything very valuable to you in carry-on. And don't carry all your cash in your wallet, just in case. Probably good advice regardless of where you travel. People who look like tourists are targets everywhere.
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    Well of course it'll explode now that you've jinxed it Moonbear! Enjoy the trip Greg!
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    maybe Greg should post the passwords to get into the 'network' area so one of us can fix 'it', if 'it' goes down
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    the network is actually my brain, so... :eek:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It must be tough to get along when it's down.
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    Ahhhh---I have heard that some use alcohol to clean the circuits--that makes sense now
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