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Mexico report.

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    I just got back from our all expenses paid junket to Cabo San Lucas (Cape St. Luke?) in Baja, Mexico. I looked for non-stop flights, but couldn't find any, so I got the next best thing, two non-stop flights, back to back. We took off in our portable movie theater and headed for the land of double cross beer. The "English only" movement has gotten a lot more traction in Cabo than in New Jersey. We were greeted by the concierge with "I am so proud and welcoming to you our grand hotel you are staying here". I think that's British English. I can tell you this, the only people who speak Spanish in Cabo are old geezers who just don't get it and US tourists on their first day. Quite by mistake, we converted some dollars to pesos before we started off. The ad hoc rate of 10 pesos to 1 dollar that everyone charges is better than what the bank gave us. Besides the prices are often quoted in US dollars. In short, being in Baja, Mexico is just like being in Southern California in America.
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    Cabo San Lucas is great! Hope you had a wonderful time!
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    Cabo's great! Did you go to Lover's Beach?
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    this is jimmysnyder we are talking about. Of course he went to lover's beach. he went alone, but he went.
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    No, we took a sunset cruise that went past it, but we didn't stop there. Near to it is the defect in the rock that has had such a profound impact on the souvenir business there. For those who don't know, Cabo San Lucas is situated at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula and is considered the point that divides the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. Near to the exact point of division is a natural arch carved out of rock by the waves. We saw seals sunning themselves on a rock nearby. I can't recommend that particular cruise though (am I allowed to say the name of it?) for the entertainment was indecent.

    I don't know what the place was like when you were there, but now, people will accost you on the street and beg you to go to a presentation for a time-share. They offer hundreds of dollars with no obligation to buy. My wife and I had been to presentations in the past and were determined that we would not do so again. However, it was the cheapest way to get from the airport to the Villa, so we agreed to it. In exchange we got a free roundtrip ride from airport to Villa (worth $150), a $100 off coupon to a fine restaurant, $100 off coupon to a spa (my daughter was exfoliated alive) and the sunset cruise for 4 (worth $180). The so-called 90 minute presentation took 3 hours and involved increasingly rude high pressure selling tactics. I can't recommend this either, but there are lots of players and you could probably go to one each morning and afternoon you are there and receive cash, not coupons. It will ruin your days, but you'll still have the evenings and the vacation will pay for itself.
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    Cabo San Lucas is great and we did have a wonderful time. The only other beach resort I've been to was Aruba which is a different kind of experience. Eating out is much more expensive in Aruba and the meals are what you find in the States. In Cabo you can eat tacos for little more than $1, enchilladas, burritos, quesadillas and etc. very cheap and good tasting. Unfortunately for me, I suffered from Montezuma's revenge the entire time I was there. Perhaps I should have looked for $2 tacos.
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    They accosted us at the airport - you had to walk through a narrow path with hawkers on either side, yelling at you! But not so much on the streets. Just cute little Chicklets "sales kids."

    So when can I use your timeshare :!!) ?
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    When I went to Mexico I was told not to drink the water and I'd be fine. So I only drank beer and never got Montezuma's Revenge. I still threw up every night, but just because i was drunk.
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    As soon as I figure a way to get my wife onto Lover's Beach.
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    trib's got the right idea...dos, cuatro, diez equis....

    I was sitting on Lover's beach staring idly out into the Pacific Ocean...when right where I was staring, a Gray Whale breached. Wonderful!
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    was it dangerous i heard mexico has lots of murder, gangs and crime.
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    You get used to it.
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    Yeah, once you've been murdered for the sixth or seventh time, it's like "here we go again."
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    One thing you can do to avoid sticky situations is to blend in with the locals. Here is some Spanish that will help you get started:
    Escucheme bien. This will assure that they will do your bidding.
    A mi manera. This will let them know just how to do things.
    Gracias de nada. This is a combination of Thank you and You're welcome. It is sure to leave a strong impression.

    Good luck.
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