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News Mexico to challenge Arizona Smuggling Law?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/local/articles/0510conspiracy0510.html [Broken]

    As I have said before, this is an invasion, not immigration. In following the news of late, it is more and more clear to me that Mexico is a willing partner in crime in this issue. Also, the Minuteman group is claiming that their position was compromised by a tip from someone in the Border Patrol - given to the Mexican government. I'm not sure what to make of this allegation yet.

    Interesting note: As reported on Lou Dobbs, if the Social Security administration discovers that an illegal alien is using your SS number, you can't be told due to a tax privacy law.
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    Mexico is definitely a partner in crime on this issue. When you have a government coming out with public speeches telling people to BREAK THE LAW and go into the US... what else can you consider them (the government)? I mean what if Bush came out on national TV and told everyone to try to commit internet-based identity theft of German citizens in Germany or something like that?

    The INS needs to be kicked out and Mexico put under sanctions. They can be let off sanctions once they stop making illegal emigration public policy. INS needs to be reformed and let the people in who want to come in legally and keep the people out who believe they are above US law.
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    The location of the Minuteman operations are being disclosed to Mexican authorities by non other than the U.S. Border Patrol.

    http://www.dailybulletin.com/news/ci_3799653 [Broken]

    What still amazes me is that we are spending $50 billion per year on national security and yet we have an open border. The people smugglers and drug coyotes (sometimes the same people) rely heavily on cell phones and two way radios for communications, yet by some anomaly national security agencies are not interested?? While at the same they are spying on Americans in their homes!

    Something is going on and it is not just on the Mexican side of the equation. Someone in power in this country really wants an expanded lower class. As for the INS, they have been left at the bottom of the food chain as far as the authority to do anything to stop the flow of illegals is concerned.
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    Since this has been happening for a long time... i doubt it's some"one" and i would suspect they have ties to the same groups that organized that "day without immigrants" racist-fest
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    This has been happening for a long time for sure, like a hundred years or so. But what has been happening recently is unprecedented. Historically there have been no nationwide demonstrations with clear demands from America and the American people.

    The amnesty that they are demanding would give this country a large new block of voters who would number over 10,000,000 and could sway elections for many years to come.

    I have a gut feeling that "they" as you put it, have the hidden agenda of influencing politics and social structure in this country as their true motivation.

    So who exactly are "they", republicans , democrats, big business? I do know that barring a complete revolt by the American public against any amnesty proposal, "they" who would grant amnesty, would stand to gain 10,000,000 + votes in 2008.

    The Hispanic activists are already registering voters at a pace claimed to include 1,000,000 previously non voting hispanics by November 2006. Most of these non English speaking new voters will vote for anyone who claims to favor amnesty for the other 10,000,000.

    This is more than an invasion as Ivan stated, since invaders sometimes leave. What is happenning could result in a social strategy that forever changes America as we have always known it.
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    The democrats are clearly doing it. Then again maybe not, even the DNC doesn't really openly support criminal activities... well except maybe in California.

    Also, they wouldn't gain more then 100,000 votes. Activists claimed they were going to get a million more mexicans (or some number that was in the millions) out to vote back when they kicked Davis out in California. When all was said and done, their participation rate barely budged. People brainwashed by this "Latino pride" aren't/weren't going to be bothered by not doing their civic duty to the United States, so why would we expect people who break the US law to do their civic duty to the US by voting either?

    This is becoming one strange as hell country. What next, banning heterosexual marriage? Pledging allegiance to flowers?
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    How many California/arizona/texas senators are up for re-election that are against amnesty?
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    They don't talk straight enough to be sure.:smile: Kyle in AZ claims to be but he changes his mind to suit the situation.
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    haha, nothing like a screwy talking politician to make your day
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    In response to one of your earlier posts, and this post...

    If the middle class disappeared into a mass of poor, I would like to know how the 1% of wealth would protect itself. True that civil liberties are being chipped away by the Patriot Act, NSA Spying, etc., and it is very hard, maybe impossible to ever regain such liberties once lost. But as long as the 2nd Amendment and right to bear arms remains--hmm.

    Seriously, I agree the pro-amnesty/illegal immigration movement is a result of a combination of agendas. It is primarily capitalistic greed, which includes individual American citizen greed, not just businesses. As you say, it is a fight between political parties to increase votes via a larger Latino population. It is religion, most notably the Catholic church that wants an increased following. And it is trade unions that think they will win members today who will have citizenship tomorrow.

    I believe our representatives fear violence/riots, loss of campaign contributions, and possible negative effects on the economy and our ability to compete globally. But it is an invasion--an undeclared war, because it is not only encouraged, but outright funded by a foreign country, Mexico. A corrupt and self-serving government that is given millions in U.S. foreign aid each year, has realized it can profit even more by exporting crime, poverty, disease, and now is overtly meddling in political affairs by supporting protests, political ads/lobbying, and now funding legal action. The voter registration is really disconcerting. As I've said, it only takes a driver's license to register to vote.

    America should fear this more than terrorism, and our government should protect the legal citizens of this country. Go Sheriff Joe!
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  13. May 12, 2006 #12
    The California Democratic, especially the people in the legislature, is heavily composed of traitors who serve Mexico, and illegal immigrants first. They already tried what is being discussed in this thread--right before Davis got the boot for it.

    Who knows. More and more I'm thinking of moving to somewhere in Europe after graduate school.
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