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Mext Scholarship Help

  1. Apr 25, 2015 #1
    This year im triyng to obtain the mext scholarship. One of the requeriments is going truth a lot of exams, one of them is the physics one, when i saw the previous test , i realized that with my current knowledge i can not even get a 30/100. In my country most of the subjects on the test are not explored so well in highschool, because of this i do not really know where can i start studying. Can someone recomendme books from where i can study all the theory involded in this test?

    Here is a previous test http://www.studyjapan.go.jp/pdf/questions/10/ga-phy.pdf

    Note: I am no really good with my english redaction, i apologize for inconvenience.
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    I galnced at your link and it looks like basic Mechanics/E&M/Optics/Thermo. If you've studied calculus any of the introductory books in the text book section of the fourms would be a good start. Alternatively, there are various free books/videos online which you can find that are just as good.

    I'm assuming japanese is your first language right? I don't know where you would find any good resources in your native language, but they must exist. Try googling to see if any of your universities put up free physics videos/texts.
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    My native language is spanish, but i do not have any problem with reading english books. Recentely in my city i looked for a tutor, he said to me that he do not dominate those topics, i will look for the books that you mentioned. Thank you.
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