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MHD equation

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    dB/dt = -curl E

    The change in the magnetic field over time is equal to the negative curl of the electric field. Interesting. How do I use it to solve a real life problem?
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    In this differential form, I think that it is of no use in any practical problems. But if you take a surface and integrate this formula over the surface, you will get the Faraday's Law, which powers your PC and lights yours lamps.
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    Combine it with dE/dt = curl B and it powers your eyes.
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    Is light a real life problem?
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    no it's a fake life problem. what do you mean?
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    I mean that you should answer at the question posted and this at an adequate level. delta001 can probably solve problems using the Faraday's Law. But, even when you work with light, do you use dB/dt = -curl E ? No, you don't and neither delta001 (neither me).
    This is the reason why I found your post inappropriate.
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    I was joking. But what is the motive for the OP's question ?

    Does Delta001 think that this fact is not worth knowing, simply because it's not used in everyday computations ? It is, after all one of Maxwell's equations.
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    You semi-presume much of me. My motives are what I originally asked. I am generally curious about how to use it, nothing else.
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    1. Why did you call it "MHD equation"? Is "Maxwell Equations" out of fashion already?

    2. In "real life", most of these type of equation cannot be solve analytically. In the design of waveguides and RF structures, for example, we use this and other coupled equations that we solve numerically. So when you look at some radio transmitter or antenna, those are a few examples where that equation has been used and solved.

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    Delta001, you are right, it was wrong to infer a dark motive. Peace.

    But that equation, in context tells us a lot about the EM field, and should be used as 'mind food' rather than as a computational aid.

    I just admire its beauty.
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