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MI Paste / recaldent

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    is it true that putting a calcium product on your teeth can help rebuild your enamel? How is it absorbed? Do your tissue cells actually process it or does it just bond to dentin and "become" enamel?
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    No it won't, unfortunately it won't do a damned thing. The only calcium that's useful to you is the Ca in your blood.

    Sodium Fluoride DOES help remineralize enamel, but its not magic... and that's if you use a high concentration, spit, dont rinse, and sleep on it.

    Even then, it's only a maybe. Sorry Pythagorean.
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    I have to report counter to your intuition from my own experiences in the last couple weeks:

    The dentists said recaldent does work (but he said flouride is about 20 times more likely to remain in your dentin than calcium is, which is why we lose our calcium). He said it works through ion exchange, and for some reason it has to be calcium phosphate (phyosphorylation, possibly?)

    I use both flouride and recaldent, but recaldent you can leave on your teeth overnight (whereas ingesting flouride can cause dental problems).

    I've done some research too (google scholar of "recaldent")

    but sometimes hard to tell how the authors are associated with the product (sometimes they're the salesman, too)
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    Ahhhh, that makes sense...

    Oh, about fluoride, swalling it is FAR worse for your kidneys than teeth, especially at Rx levels.

    I think I know how you'll understand this intuitively... call it a guess, but I think you just might. GIC (Glass Ionomer Cement) interacts in a very similar, but more lasting fashion... it might act as a guide for you here.


    edit: maybe a bit more...

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remineralisation_of_teeth (also shows I was wrong about serum calcium except during tooth formation)

    image from Wiki commons: 424px-Enamel-fluoride-remineralization.svg.png
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    Ah, I see, fluoride takes the place of hydroxide. So using MI paste and fluoride rinse in combination is better than one or the other
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    Now that would be a very wise move, and the combination should also decrease sensitivity to a small degree if that's an issue. In my view, it beats the hell out of smearing potassium nitrate on your teeth.

    You might want to look at an Rx called 'Prevadent', to use in combination, or the listerine with fluoride. I'm speaking from personal experience here... very effective IMO.
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    sensitivity isn't a problem; they make an MI+ paste, too, that has fluoride in it.

    I've heard of fluoride causing teeth to become brittle, too.

    The treatments are for my daughter (early childhood caries) so I don't use fluoride (except trace amounts to brush) for fear that she'll ingest it. So this makes the recaldent especially preferable.

    I have some slight coloring, myself and the MI paste has definitely made it whiter.
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    nice yellow colors, btw.
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    Thank you sir!
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    It's possible... I'd guess that any time you add 'hardness', you sacrifice flexibility. That said, enamel is already pretty darned tough and rigid. I think given this as a use for your child, you're making the right choice. She's probably find to begin with, and the only thing excess fluoride can do is strain the kidneys.

    My personal experience... stay the hell away from soda. I had perfect teeth, then HS came along with a vending machine in the dorm. Goodbye perfect teeth.
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    Mom's the only one that buys sodas, but it's very minimal. We don't even give the baby fruit juice.
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    I should say that I meant large consumption, not reasonable consumption. I didn't think you'd be tossing your girl a 2 liter of cola and telling her to drink up before bedtime. :wink:

    I wonder if that could be the topic of, 'The Indirect Action of Caffeine on The Parents: A Tale of Brutal Insomnia.'
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