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Mice can 'foretell earthquakes'[?]: BBC

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Note: Though implied as a geology related story, this seemed best posted in biology.
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    Seems interesting. It is widely acknowledged that birds, and to an extent even humans can sense magnetic fields. Wonder if this sense evolved in some other creatures as well...
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    I feed a stray cat and a few weeks
    ago it started acting hostile tow-
    ard me, hissing and cowering when
    I filled it's dish.

    I was telling this to a woman at
    a cafe and said I wondered if it
    was being zapped with pre-quake

    The guy at the next table spoke
    up and told the story of how his
    dogs had gone bannanas on him
    one day, running around and
    barking, when an earthquake struck
    a few minutes later.

    There's been no quake here, and
    the cat is still hissing at me.
    Is it my breath?
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    dun other animals like dogs and snakes get cagey as well when a earthquake is imminent?
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