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Michael Crichton, RIP

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    'Jurassic Park' author, 'ER' creator Crichton dies :frown:
    The Andromeda Strain was the first Crichton book I read as a kid.
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    that's a bummer, he wasn't even old, yet
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    His book Timeline sucked, but in it he talks about the two slit experiment. I got interested in that so I went online and looked up physics and found physics forums. So if you want to blame anyone blame him.
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    "Sphere" was good
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    WHAT? no....thats a huge bummer for Sci Fi, etc.
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    Yea, Arthur C. Clarke, and Kurt Vonnegut went recently.
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    I know...just hoping Bradbury doesn't go next...
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    Damn... That's too bad.

    I read his last book Next about genetic engineering and gene therapy. I wonder if he researched all the material in the book due to his own health problems.
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    oh man, terrible news. damn cancer! We need a cure now!
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    Very interesting criticism of Environmentalism.

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    I just got home from my pool match, put on the CTV news, and the first thing that came on was the notification of his death. I can't say that he was a great man, or otherwise praise something that I know nothing about, but he was a great writer. As with Astro, I read 'The Andromeda Strain' when I was still a child. I think that it came out about the same time as 'Binary' and 'Zero Cool', which I also have... but the intelligence and scientific believability behind his stories set him apart. He will be missed.
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    That's very sad. A truly great mind not only for SF or ER. Much of his work will only be appreciated in a decade or two.
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    I enjoyed his work very much. Sad to hear that he passed. Funny, I had no idea that he was a medical doctor.
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