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Michael McCrady

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    Hi everyone. I'm Michael. I'm a part time hack looking for help in the engineering, propulsion, and energy conservation realm. We have 1 patent under review (with provisional), and several patent applications underway on some new technology. I do not have an advanced degree in science, although I have enough for a degree in math. What I lack is the correct terminology to get the answers I need to further my research, and maybe some discussion about what can and cannot be done in my projects.
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    For instance, I am interested in knowing what the vertical thrust potential is of a independent spinning ring. This is vague, but size and weight of the ring are x and y, respectively. I am slightly familiar with right hand rule theory, but not enough to know how to apply it without help.
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    Welcome Michael! Please be sure to post your questions in the appropriate forums so that they can be answered!
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