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Michealson Morely and the Aether

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    With the discovery that some sub-atomic particles travel faster than light, does that change the way that this experiments interpretation might be regarded?

    Perhaps Special Relativity is for electromagnetic measurements and instruments, while General Relativity is compatible with everything?

    I am asking because I don't know.
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    There has been no such discovery. One team claims they have seen it in an experiment, but this has not been confirmed. Even the team that made this claim is asking others to repeat the experiment.
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    Yes... Sorry bad choice of words.

    If it is confirmed, and that is why asked this in skepticism and debunking to avoid upsetting people.

    Would Special Relativity still be entirely valid if is was applied to Electromagnetic energy only? I think would be valid.

    That is why I am wondering if perhaps this Aether concept is more valid if perhaps it does not use electromagnetic energy as a means for measurement, but perhaps sub-atomic particles sit inside an Aether?

    I am asking because I don't know.
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    This is also a physics question and should not have been posted in the S&D forum.

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