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Michelson interferometer

  1. Nov 22, 2011 #1
    can someone explain to me the speed of light to the mirror and back from the mirror before reaching the telescope ?? please
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    I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are asking. Could you elaborate your question a bit more?
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    sorry i shoudl have elaborated more , i mean why the speed of light from the half painted mirror to one of the two mirrors is c-v and c+v from the mirror to the painted mirror??
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    The speed of light in a vacuum is always c. Michelson and Morley erroneously thought that light would travel at c+v if it was moving in the same direction as the aether (which presumably travels at v), and c-v when moving in the opposite direction as the aether.
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    mmm i have read it you are right in everything but in the speed of c and ether c-v when angle between them is zero and c+v when they are opposite but thank you for all your help
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