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MICHIGAN CROP CIRCLES: Farmer raises a mystery

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "HOWELL TOWNSHIP -- They've come late at night, holding flashlights, their beams cutting the dark in the middle of 1,000 acres of wheat fields. They've come in the afternoon under blue sky to lift their arms and pray."

    http://www.freep.com/news/mich/signs5_20030805.htm [Broken]
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    I've been to this town. I't's about 30-40 miles from detroit. Mostly farm country. There's a bit of an urban center surrounding a hospital, but that's it. Why don't these things ever happen in someone's backyard or in an urban park? it's always in the middle of farm country where there are few witnesses or population. But maybe I just answered my own question...

    Oh and I watched that interview of the lieutenant. It was interesting, but not nearly revealing as the conference. Time will tell..
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