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Michio Kaku to Appear on Coast to Coast AM

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    Many Thanks, it would be great if those of us in the UK could listen in? I have been to the links you provide, will the transcript be available over the net at some time?
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    There's an internet stream available at many sites. The one for my local station (KTRS) is:

    Just open it up in Winamp or Windows Media Player at 12PM CST. Forgive me for not converting it, I am horrible with timezones.
    Check the affiliates page if you need to find alternate sources.
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    Many thanks, and I certainly will do.
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    are there any vedio lectures online by dr.kaku?
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    Live show started 30 mins ago. Dr. Kaku will probably be on at the top of the hour (30 mins from the time of this post.)
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    Coast Interview

    Art Bell & Dr. Kaku always make for a great mix.
    It was indeed quite the radio interview. Coast to Coast has quite the listening base and Alexa rates their sites traffic in the top 5000.

    It would be excellent to see "Explorations" have an equal listening base. So many people are missing out on so many good shows and interviews. I would imagine to syndicate the show in terms of increased coverage would take quite a bit of planning - and not to mention money.

    It was a great show!

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