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Michio Kaku?

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    Michio Kaku??

    Question: How was this guy connected to PF -I've seen his name around this site?

    Reason: He was in a brief segment of ABC's 2020 last night. The theme of the show was about different theories on the Acopolypse and how it might happen. Instead of a scientific and logical discourse on the matter, it was carried out with an attempt to garner fear (and thus ratings).

    When the show began to discuss synthetic viruses, and after a particular description of how a modified small pox will kill your newborn baby, Michio Kaku popped on and described some other effects of an epedemic like this.

    What has any respectable physicist got to do with being on yellow trash like 20/20, and especially on a particularly inaccurate and fear-capitalizing episode. Is he trying to become a "popularized scientist" by attempting to get his name out on trashy TV, or was he simply misquoted?

    Perhaps this is more of a rant than an actual question, but I really am interested in an answer.

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    Dr.Kaku is already popular in the world of science. He is the author of some great books and he is co-founder of string field theory. I dont think he needs to be on a "yellow trash" talk show to be famous.

    As for your question, I didnt even know he was a connected to this place at all.
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    Formerly Kaku's site had a discussion section. They didn't want to bother with the administration of it so they made a deal for PF to host it. I became the mentor in charge of it. Unfortunately it was full of cranks, and as we gradually raised the bar against crank posting, fewer and fewer people posted on it. Eventually PF dropped it and I believe it is now hosted elsewhere, and still full of cranks.
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    Thanks, selfAdjoint -that was what I wanted to know.

    Perhaps I was a bit too critical and generalizing of him and 20/20 -but it was a frustrating program to watch.


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    Tell me about it.

    It was brutal.
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    :rofl: I only saw about 20 seconds of it. All I saw was Kaku saying "this will end life as we know it" and I walked away from the TV..........
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    Yeah, same here. I saw him talk about the Gamma Ray burst. I was almost sad.
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    I didn't see Dr Kaku's spot on 20/20, but did watch him on the PBS airing of Brief History of Time (by Stephen Hawking). I enjoyed hearing Michio discuss string theory and multidimensional space. He can explain these complex ideas in understandable language (especially for people who enjoy learning about science).

    It prompted me to read two of his books (both of which I highly recommend) http://www.mkaku.org/hyperspace.htm [Broken] next.

    His skill in discussing science, reminds me of the late Carl Sagan
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    If you read Hyperspace and Visions, Beyond Einstein shouldn't be much new. It is kind of like a breif overview of everything... well, beyond Einstein.
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    One reason that I never watch a Yank so-called 'news' shows is because all of the ones that I've seen specialize in sensationalism and 'ambush journalism'. If Louis Pasteur had been interviewed by Fox, they would have turned it into an 'end of the world plague of bacteria' story... and hyped it in previews. Watch BBC, CBC, CTV or any other respectable service. And notice that I deliberately excluded ABC, NBC, and CBS. They've all fallen prey to the commercial vultures. :grumpy:
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    Ha yeah. Most American news channels are about as credible as The Daily Show and Penn and Teller Bull****. The difference is that you know the Daily Show and P&T are purely for entertainment and not actual news.
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