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News Mickey Spillane-esque rathergate

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    Republican Joe: Rather and CBS have no credibility, they did a story based on false documents. Rather should be forced to resign!

    Democrat Bob: What about George Bush's Whitehouse? They based a war on false documents, and you write that off as an acceptable mistake anyone could have made. Hell, it was even proven that the one about yellowcake from Africa was made up.

    Republican Joe: 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS!

    *Suddenly, a mysterious figure interjects!*

    Teresa Heinz Kerry: They want 4 more years of hell!


    On a side note, can we come up with a better suffix for scandals than "gate"? It's getting kinda old and stupid. Seriously, think about it, "Memogate", what a lame scandal name.
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    Hmm... the War on Memos?
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    I still like The Fraudcasters.
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    "-gate" has a long and rich tradition. It clearly and simply identifies the 'good dirt' so you immediately concentrate on the interesting stuff instead of having to poor through the boring history stuff. :rolleyes:

    But, seriously, who could forget 'nipplegate'? :tongue2: Except maybe someone with Alzheimer's, since the fine for it was just on the news during the last week. Which reminds me, is Alzheimergate our next big voting scandal? :zzz:

    And the Billygate scandal during the Carter administration was one of the true classics. Is Billy Carter the only person in America to have both a beer and a scandal named after him? :devil: Ehh, remembering the taste of the beer, maybe that was an even bigger scandal than representing Libyan terrorists. :yuck:

    Wikepedia lists 45 gates (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scandals_suffixed_with_gate), but they miss some. In fact, they miss my two favorites: turkeygate (http://www.scrappleface.com/MT/archives/001395.html [Broken]) and my all-time favorite: South Gate -gate (http://www.tolstoy.com/lonewacko/blog/archives/000331.html). It just flows so nicely off the tongue.

    I think we should go back and rename past scandals, starting with Grant's Black Friday [gate], Credit Mobilier [gate], Delinquent Tax [gate], Whiskey [gate], Belknap[gate]. And then we can work forward from there.

    Or not. :uhh:
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