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Micro pneumatic tolerances

  1. Jun 6, 2008 #1
    Hello I am trying to get some information but am having a hard time finding it, maybe someone here can help?
    I am trying to find out in a micro pneumatic cylinder(stainless steel) .375*.6" What diameter do the air passages need to be at 15-20PSI for oscillation, I know this isnt enough info but a approximate would help. I was thinking like .0781(5/64), does this sound to big to small?

    Also in something this small what gap tolerances need to used for the bore to piston?, ie does it need at least .0002" or more or less, for smooth movement without air passing to the other side of the cylinder, Im asking in the sense that there arent any seals, ie metal to metal, or ceramic or Teflon ....

    Thanks all, CHEERS.
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