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Micro pump :S

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    Does anyone have any ideas on how to construct an electromagnetically actuated micro pump? If so, please post.
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    What is the application and what you want to accomplish? With a bit description, you may come to know that you need not reinvent a wheel.
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    What do you mean by "actuated?" Do you mean electromechanically driven? Also, what kind of pressure or flow range do you consider micro?
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    Again, more information is needed. If 'micro' means something like for a table-top fountain, your best bet would probably be like a little artificial heart, with 2 oppositely oriented check valves and an oscillating membrane like a speaker cone. If you mean something surgically implanted in an artery or some such, you pretty much have to get into nanotech devices. If you mean something along the line of magnetohydrodynamics, then you would need someone like Astronuc to get in on this. A very big deciding factor will be what kind of fluid you intend to pump, for what distance, and at what pressure. Something highly viscous like hydraulic oil or liquid polymers won't work with a set-up that would be fine for water.
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    A lot of MFG make them I sure,some are used in things like ink jet printers check out

    http://www.leeproducts.co.uk/news.htm [Broken]

    I just ran across this yesterday, Im sure there are a lot of places.
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    Lee is a good company to look at but they are pricey. They are used a lot in aerospace and hydraulic apps. Not quite off the shelf, but perhaps you might be able to convince them to send you a sample.
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