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Micro switch problem

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    i am in no way a engineer so i need help
    i just bought
    (MICRO SWITCH, PIN PLUNGER, SPDT 16A 250V; Microswitch Type:Standard; Actuator Style:Pin Plunger; Operating Force Max:100gf; Contact Voltage AC Nom:250V; Contact Current Max:16A; Switch Terminals:Quick Connect; Circuitry:SPDT)

    and it is a momentary switch but i need the same switch in a maintained switch form

    what do i need to look for that denotes a maintained switch

    I do not know proper terminology what i gather is

    maintained switch mean press once for on and again for off
    momentary switch means press and hold for on release for off

    any help would be great
    thankyou for your time
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums!

    As you say, momentary action is when the switch closes (or opens, depending on how it's wired up) only when it's pressed down. Non-momentary action is the opposite.

    I think I've only ever seen momentary action microswitches as they're generally meant to detect when something is physically opened (or closed) or when, say, something has gone too far (as a limit switch).

    If you absolutely need that switch, and absolutely need non-momentary action, a hack may be to remove the spring which returns the button. Unfortunately, you'll now have to manually open the switch. If you don't need that style of switch, consider using a non-momentary pushbutton, slider, or toggle switch--these you should be able to easily find at a hardware store or automotive place, or even a Radio Shack.
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