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Microbiology Practical

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    I used a white tray to work on for my antibiotics investigation. What is the tray called? :frown:
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    I believe what you are referring to is called an "ELISA test plate" :smile:

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    the one you put on the lab benches right? Just used as an area to work on
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    I'm really not sure what you're referring to. Are you sure it isn't just a tray?
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    it is. but has the "stupid" white tray got a name? because i am writing up an investigation, and my teacher said name the tray.........................
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    I use trays such as these available from Atlantic Nuclear Corp. for assays using radiolabeled substances. They have a clear disposable liner molded to fit the lipped base and are designed to contain spills and facilitate clean-up/decontamination . The ones I use are yellow to designate radiation hazard, but they are available in white, perhaps this is at least similar to what you were using?
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    lol thats too advanced for me.

    I just called it a white tray.... thank you everybody for your time and help :)
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