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MicroeconTheory: Cournot solution for oligopoly

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    Hello, I have a very brief conceptual question:

    Given two firms, let's say for instance that P = 200 - 10Q, where Q is the combination of firm A & B.

    Would the marginal revenue be solved by multiplying one of the individual firm's quantity by 2. That is, the marginal revenue for firm A would be solved from:
    0 = 200 - 10q(b) - 20q(a)

    Given that this is true, is this monopolistic-like solution only possible in such a theoretical oligopolistic duopoly because each firm's output is still dependent upon the other's output? I understand that a marginal revenue curve having twice the slope as the price curve is true only for monopoly situations, and therefore I am wondering what is the theory behind why it is also applicable in a duopoly.

    Also, given that this is true, is it also true in oligopolies with more than two firms given that each firm's output is still dependent upon each other firm's output?
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