Microfluidic problem

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    I am a french student who's discovering microfluidic through english texts and I am not sure to understand waht is a backpressure in this case? Is this a pressure given by the operator or induced by the device??

    Thank you for your answers!
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    Bienvenue á PF!

    Hi frenchero! Bienvenue á PF! :wink:

    Backpressure is an effect of the structure of the device …

    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backpressure for some details. :smile:
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    In a microfluidic context, backpressure typically means the pressure that one needs to exert on a syringe (or alternatively, that a pump needs to apply to tubing) to maintain a certain flow rate. This matches the general description in the Wikipedia article.
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