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Homework Help: Microorganisms please help

  1. Jan 13, 2008 #1
    Microorganisms please help!!!

    Hello guys...I hope You can help me Again!!! I just want to say first THANK YOU OF ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!! YOu have help me very much !!!

    I must answer this simple question but I can not find it anywhere....

    The question is:

    "List the ways in which Mircoorganisms can be controlled both outside and inside the body"

    If someone knows where I can find this please let me know....

    If its a book pleae tell me the book name or the Internet site

    Thank U very much

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    I'll try and give you some key words to look up: Inside the body we have an innate (non-specific) and acquired immune system. The acquired immune system is divided into the cell mediated and humeral (not sure on the spelling). The humeral (sp?) immune system is also called the antibody mediated immune system. Only the acquired immune system uses T-Cells. I'm pretty sure both types involve macrophages and other phagocytes that eat other cells.

    The skin itself is a barrier to infection, as well as cilia in the upper respiratory tract which push out any foreign material including pathogens. Both of these would be characterized as non-specific defenses of the body.

    You should get a microbiology textbook all the information you need will be in the first few pages of a chapter introducing the immune system. Fishing around on the internet will take much longer.
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    There are also podcasts from Biology courses that you can download for free from Itunes. Itunes is also free.

    If you get it (or already use it), go to the "Itunes music store" in the left-hand column.

    Wait, it may take a few minutes to upload,

    Then in the search box (upper right-hand corner) type in "BIO 205". it may take a few minutes to search.

    Then Itunes will bring up a a list of songs and audio and video files, but Above that there will be a section for Podcasts click "see all" and you should find one titled "BIO 205" click it, and you should then be able to download whichever lectures you want from the BIO 205 course (Microbiology) (the "itunesU" section is also helpful for finding lectures, btw).
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