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Microprocessor Subject

  1. Jul 26, 2007 #1
    Hi guys,

    Im a student of electrical engineering. Current in my first year. I need help from my fellow engineering student to answer some of the question i posted below. The feedback from you would be used as valuable information for my assignment. All your answer is about microprocessor or similar subject taught in your university. So please help to answer this simple questions:

    1. Name of the University:

    2.Year of Study (in which term its taught):
    (for USA, 1st year = freshman, 2nd year = sophomore, 3rd year = junior, 4th year = senior)

    3.Name of subject:
    (example: Microprocessors, Embedded Systems, Computer Systems, etc)

    4. Number of credits:
    (if applicable)

    5.Microprocessor used in teaching :
    (example : Motorola 6800, Intel 8081,arm etc)

    6. Scope of subject:
    (assembly language, interfacing, operating systems etc)

    (paper assignments only, labwork, real hardware interfacing, system construction etc).

    8. Is the first course followed by another course :

    9. If yes, what chip is used next?

    10. Have you graduated or still studying? if graduated state the graduation year?

    thanks alot guys.
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