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Microsoft calculator

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    When you use Microsofts calculator's Exp function it does not raise the number you enter exponenently it requestions another number and then does this

    result = firstnumber * 10^second number

    What is it doing?
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    Well if you want to calculate for instance [tex]2^5[/tex] you should use the [tex]x^y[/tex] function not the Exp function, the Exp function calculates [tex]2 \cdot 10^5[/tex].

    I hope that I understood what you meant.
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    Thanks for replying...
    Is the Exp an exponention function? and is it to do with E?
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    Well this E stands for [tex]\cdot 10^{2nd nr.}[/tex], for example, 2E5 is the same as [tex]2 \cdot 10^5[/tex]. So it is for multiply the first number with 10 to the power of the second number(after the E).
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