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Microsoft Office 2007 Version

  1. Mar 16, 2009 #1
    This is a stupid question, but I just had to ask it:
    I had an excel file made using MS 2007 version and had to convert it to 2003 version. I renamed the converted file once saved on my PC. Does that (renaming) change anything in the converted file?
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    You lose all the 2007-only features. But you lost them when you did the conversion, not the renaming. If you want to keep it standard, either avoid 2007 features, or just install the compatibility pack on your Office 2000, 2003, or XP computers:

    NOTE that this pack just allows you to open .docx or .xlsx files, and save the same WITHOUT OFFICE 2007 ONLY features!
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    Thanks Matlab alot. I have converted the following file from .xlsx to .xls using an online converter... I am not sure if it is gonna be displayed correctly in the compatibility mode. Would someone please open this and tell me if you see the data and the stress vs. strain plot?
    Thanks again

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    Nobody (in their right minds) is going to open that. Forget using the converters, just go File > Save As and save in Excel for Office 2000 / 2003 XP format. If you want a chart to show up the same regardless of who's looking at it, export it as a graphic or use Acrobat to print it to a .pdf file. There's also the program I use, PDF Creator, which acts as your plain jane PDF maker:

    TIP: When you make your chart, have it plot in a new window, not embedded within a page of your spreadsheet.
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