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Microsoft Word - Mathematical Equations Question

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    I have Windows XP and I cannot figure out how to find things like pie and square root in word. I searched and found something about a mathematical equation toolbar, but, when I follow the directions, there is no such toolbar.
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    I went into Microsoft Word and did not find any such object, but the help file says one should exist under "Insert > Object > Microsoft Equation Editor." I use MathType 5.0 Equation Editor in Word or LaTeX and never used Microsoft's editor.

    Try this:

    Go to Add/Remove Programs, highlight Microsoft Office and click Change. Select Add or Remove Features, click Next, check the box saying "Choose advanced customization of applications" and make sure Word is checked off. Click Update. In the menu, expand the menu "Office Tools" and where it says "Equation Editor," change the left box to "Run from my computer." Finish the installation and you should have it.
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    Worked, thanks.
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    I want to mark the equation in word 2007. I tried as caption, but then I have to have same formating as for the figures. I want for caption of equation to be from the side and from the Figure under it. Eny tips? Thanks!
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