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Microsoft Word Problem

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    Ok I know this isn't exactly a direct physics problem but I wasn't sure where to post this.
    Im writing up a lab report in word 2008 mac and whenever I insert an equation it pushes the text down a little and it sits above the text even though its all technically still the same line.
    Also the red lines for spelling mistakes now appear above words not below them. I have spent a good hour googling and trying to figure this out but I can't fix it.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Oh and I have checked that the wrapping style for the object is set to inline with text.
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    Probably not want you would like to hear, but learn to use Latex this will resolve all these issues.
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    The title is complete. Does more need to be said!?

    I tend to do any non-text thing I need in a separate document, print it as a separate pdf, use the pdf snap-shot tool to cut out the thing I want from the pdf doc I just created, then paste that picture into the .doc. Then the .doc only has text and bitmaps in, and gets much less confused.
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    If anyone else has this problem I figured it out. If you go to the formatting palette and open the styles tab you will notice that the current style of the selected text will be set to normal + lowered 13 (well mine was 13 I'm sure it can be all kinds of numbers). I just figured out the sections that had this setting and cleared all the formatting. The just had to re-do my bold and underlined sections and so on.

    I am slowly teaching myself latex but I am slow with it so when I need something done fast I just use word.
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