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Microsoft word viewer

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    I tried downloading Microsoft's word viewer from their website and it didn't work and I tried
    re-downloading it. I need to be able to view word and power point stuff.
    Do you guys know any good sites to download those. In the mean time I will google for other options. I am using windows 7
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    If should work if you get it from here
    and follow the installation instructions on the web page.

    if you have any download managers, accelerators, etc, running on your computer, switch them off. You may need to switch off your antivirus software while you do the installation.

    You might also need to be logged on as administrator (I don't run Win 7 so I'm not sure about that).
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    You can use http://www.libreoffice.org to view MS documents. It's a great free office suite.
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    You can also upload them into Google Docs, and edit and share them.
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