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Homework Help: Microvolts over degrees->degrees over microvolts

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    Microvolts over degrees-->degrees over microvolts

    If I have -72 [tex] \mu V / degrees C[/tex]... how do I change that to degrees per microvolt? just
    -72 [tex] degrees C / \mu V[/tex]?
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    What have you done to the units??
    Do the same to the magnitude as well!!
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    72 degrees per microvolt?
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    If I earn ten dollars per hour, how many hours do I work per dollar I earn? The answer is that I earn a dollar in one tenth of an hour (= 6 min). I hope this is obvious. So what did I do to change my figure in units of money earned per unit time to time worked per unit money? I took the reciprocal.

    'Nuff said...
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