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Microwave Machine ~

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    I have a microwave machine.
    I am questioning whether it has leakage or not.
    I am asking is there a way of measuring the leakage of microwave machine.

    What I have been doing was, I purchased oscilloscope, it is on the way.
    whenever I turned on the microwave machine, the following will be done ~

    The alumimum foil will be placed and two clips would be cliped each side of aluminium foil,
    those clips will be connected to oscilloscope.

    But, I am quite skeptic? does it work? So, I decided to post this in this skeptic & debunk
    category. asking any better idea to do so?

    Thank you ~
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    Your microwave oven uses microwave energy at 2.4GHz to cook food. That is too high of a frequency for you to be able to measure it with an oscilloscope.

    Here is general information and safety information about microwave ovens:



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