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Microwave powered by Inverter

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    My Question is: How can a Microwave be run/Powered through an inverter? i.e. if I want to power a Microwave of 800 Watts through a 1000 Watts inverter with a 100 AH Battery, could it be possible or would I have to use a Higher Watts inverter? Assuming the Battery (above mentioned) has a constant External Charging supply (PM alternator or Wind Energy etc.) of 14.4 volts DC with 10 Amperes, how much current in Amperes, or Watts would be consumed/required by the above said Microwave running through the U.P.S./Inverter System for let's say 30 seconds. If i am incorrect in the above, are there any plans or ways to run a Microwave through a U.P.S./Inverter System?

    Plz provide helpfull and Detailed answer/guidance to do the above . . !

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    Are you sure your battery can provide 800W?

    It looks like the inverter can handle this, assuming the 800W are the electric power and not the microwave power (there are significant losses in the conversion).

    Do the voltages of battery, inverter (in/out) and microwave match?
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