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Microwave propulsion and APS

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    Recently I watched some paper about new propulsion technologies focused in Light e.g Laser and Microwave, so I'd like to know where can I obtain deep information about the subjet, due, papers found it at the internet just describe bit information. I'm interesting mainly in microwave propulsion and vision systems using APS -Active Pixel Sensor - for real time video space systems.

    Thera are any book, course, link, etc., to study on this field?


    Willian Sanchez
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    I'm not following - what do propulsion and video have to do with each other?
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    Here's a wikipedia.org article on laser propulsion:


    And like Russ, I don't get the "vision systems" part of your question. Is that a separate question?
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    Well, I apologize by the confusion, so, what are you apointing, there are two questions typed in me previous email:
    1.- Microwave propulsion or electric propulsion
    2.- Vision systems using APS or new trends and/or technologies different of CCDs technology.

    Thanks by link berkeman
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